Choosing The Best Custom Pro Scooters – Top 10 Reviews

Custom pro scooters offer much flexibility which rare to find in most scooters. For instance the pro versions comes with features that you can adjust to specific riding need such as the handle bars can be increase or decrease to any level of height. Some brands allow replacement of all parts and accessories which is a reasonable pro factor to consider when looking for a pro scooter that will last for years.  Various local online stores are available where you can quickly shop for these pro scooters part for replacement need or if you think of building your own pro scooter today.

Choosing the Best Custom Pro Scooters - Top 10 Reviews

However, if you want to purchase a pro scooter with custom or customizable features, we can help you find a right unit.  Also, since there are plenty of pro scooters types, model, and brands available for different age limit, finding one yourself could be like a journey of a thousand miles but if you can be patient to go through our selected custom scooters and their reviews, it might just take a few minutes choosing the pro scooter you want with ease and you may end up calling it a pro scooters lucky deals.

Top 10 best custom pro scooters reviews

1. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

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For those who want to take their game to the next level and master the array of a pro scooter tricks, the Pilot Pro from the Phoenix brand is here for you to consider. Pheonix scooters have always taken the front lead when it comes to advancement for the professional scooters scene which this Pro pilot from them is designed to take you there also.

This scooter comes to you featuring 110mm 88A 7 alloy spoke wheels with 9 ABEC bearing and also includes Phoenix brake system to enable you take total control of your riding speed. The intermediate and the advance custom pro trick scooter rider is made from reinforce Hi-Tensile steel material for long lasting. The deck is 4.5 inch wide with length of 19.5 inch which is spacious to accommodate your foot as you ride.  It also comes with a handle bars but the handle is not adjustable. However, it can carry an optimal weight of 9.0lbs.

2. Aeroactive Adults And Teens Scooter with Dual Suspension

Aeroactive Adults And Teens Scooter with Dual Suspension


Are you an adult or teen with intermediate tricks in scooter riding? You can improve your tricks the more and become know among riders using the unbeatable Aeroactive scooter that comes with dual suspension stands. Designed with solid frame and deck constructed from aluminum and weights 6 kilogram.

Make your ride a comfort zone with 8 inch wheels that offer smoother and safer ride. Take hold of a front and rare suspension standing when you get to your destination or you want to take a rest. Features adjustable handle to meet different height level and its T-bar features a soft grip feels rubber just like the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter.

This unit has a bottle holder where you can put your bottle water so you never get thirsty. In addition, the Aeroactive teens and adults scooter is a foldable kick scooter that offers easy carry and mobility.

3. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

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The X3 Pro was introduced by the manufacturer for beginners scooters to master their tricks. However, it comes in different colors that you can choose from if you are a color freak rider. The kick scooters comes with a very light weight shaped deck for a smooth ride. It features a high end handle bar equipped with rubber grip that is suitable for the palms.

The deck is 20 by 4 inches made from aluminum constituent and has a soft grip hands with 18 inch handle bars all steel. Additional features are 100mm ABS wheels, steel flex brake and triple bolt camp that secure it.  This Fuzion scooter is suitable for ages starting from 7 and above with weight not exceeding 140 pounds.

And if you are searching for a custom pro scooter to meet upcoming progressive riders, then what else are you waiting for? If not to invest on this one that is back up with a limited manufacturer 6 months warranty.

4. EXOOTER 6XL Adult Kick Scooter With Front Shocks

 EXOOTER 6XL Adult Kick Scooter With Front Shocks

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You can also take the honors when you ride on a scooter with class and beautiful looks which the EXOOTER will bring you. Recommended for adult use to increase their professional tricks on that sidewalk lane busy city and it is designed to carry adults having weight up to 220lbs.  With compact folding construction with belt carry straps offers easy transporting and also has unfolding system lock spring.

The solid and sturdy unit deck and frame are made with aluminum and the whole system has overall weight of 10.5lbs which is light-weight for those that dislike bulky loads. And also the vibrant color kick scooter features a front shock stand.

5. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

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The A5 tricks rider is a scooter never to be underestimated as it comes with its own unique features and standout among others. This unit is a perfect choice for taller people and also for those with medium height as it comes with adjustable handle which you can custom to meet your height. It is engineered with a patent folding system which allows easy fold and carriage.

This Razor scooter T-tube and deck is built from durable grade aluminum use for aircraft construction. It features large urethane wheels size of 200mm for smoother motion. Its side brake design will also enhance your riding as you do your ticks on. Maximum weight this kick scooter can carry is 220 pounds. However, riders from 9 years above can ride on it.

6. Vokul VK3 U-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter


Vokul VK3 U-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

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The VK3 stunt scooter deck is constructed from high strength aircraft grade rated aluminum plus reinforce forge heated plate just to make the deck a durable one. The 140lbs maximum weight carrying capacity feature a medium handle bars made from carbon steel metals and fisted into the body of the unit using a triple clamp to meet stability and safety requirement use.

The wheels of the stunt scooter from the Vokul brand are made of high-end rebounding PU, shock absorbing and anti-abrasive to deliver smooth riding performance.

The entire unit is super light in weight as it comes with a deck weighing 8.4 pounds. This unit also features ABEC 5 bearing that provide fast ride. However, the pro kick stunter is one of the best recommended choices for beginners to become professionals in the scooter tricks competition.

7. Fuzion Cityglide Kick Scooter Folds Down – Adjustable Handle Bars

 Fuzion Cityglide Kick Scooter Folds Down - Adjustable Handle Bars

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The cityglide green and yellow makes transportation on the go with kick scooter an easy one especially of you have gotten the tricks required to ride as a pro. With a handle with bars that are adjustable, you can custom the scooter as you so desired to give you comfort ride.

The back and front big wheels offers superior motion and smoothness in tough and rugged terrain. Powered by large braking function for stopping time control and with its innovation fold system designed, transporting and storage becomes less of task to do. The hand and deck is made with aluminum metals and this scooter is made to carry adult with optimal weight of 220lb.

8. Razor A2 Kick Scooter  

 Razor A2 Kick Scooter B000ODZBG6

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The Razor A2 will also not disappoint you if you have clock age 5 or older for both women and men riding. Simple and ergonomic design and cleaned to the wheels is made to carry users of weight 143 pounds and less.  Sturdy construction aluminum deck with spring-free wheels for the cool evening ride down town is equipped whole brake system  which will help you to enhance your riding style should in case you need to slow down or stop.

This A2 model also features adjustable hand with bars that offer perfect fit and also enhanced finger guard so that you won’t be hurt as you ride on. Furthermore, it comes in patent folding mechanism, all for convenient carriage and lifting.  Has item weight of 5.5 pound and 21.4 x 7 x 4 product dimension.

9. Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

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Your city is not too big that you think you can ride through every nuke and cranny with customizable pro scooter which this Fuzion Cityglide can take you around. It is ideal for the adulthood weighing maximum of 220lb as they can stand on its aluminum deck.

The cityglide comes with one unique feature which is a dual rare braking system. So you can now ensure maximum safety by activating the break system using either your hand or foot which makes the Fuzion B200 model a distinctive kick scooter for adults.

Other features include high speed oversized wheels for fast tricks movement, adjustable control hand that can be increase from 29 inch to 36 inch height and folding mechanism.

10. Razor California Longboard Scooter

Razor California Longboard Scooter

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The California longboard is another nice scooter from the Razor brand. It features ultimate stretch handle with controlling bars to navigate the busy streets that is always full with people.  It has long deck of 36 inch made from polypropylene material plus an integrated kick tail to start riding. It has two wheels, one located in front and the other at the back tail end and both provide exceptional fast and smooth riding. And its patent brake technology offers you overall control as you are riding uptown.

This also comes with handle that can be adjusted with bars as well. Recommended weight support should not be more than 220 pound and ages 8 upward can ride the Razor California Scooter


The reviews of our top rated custom pro scooters here is to help anyone one looking for one to purchase. In the list are various brands of best models with quality features which we believe that you have gone through in the course of reading this post, so choosing wouldn’t be a problem anymore with our pro scooters for sale by visiting to on online shopping store.

However, for those looking for pro scooter shops near me and kcryptic pro scooters, we be giving insight to that in our next up date but for the meantime, you can rely on the best custom scooters reviews.