Best Envy Pro Scooters Reviews – Most Riders Choice

In our previous post we look at some of the best kick scooters reviews and subsequent post was custom pro scooters and now is the turn of envy pro scooters reviews. However, if you a fan of Envy scooter products then this is just a perfect place to end your search on scooters from the Envy brands as we have some best envy scooters reviews for you to go through.  Top 10 best envy pro scooters reviews

Remember kick scooters provides plenty of health benefits but however, we can digress to that now, you can re-visit as we will be posting an update about that. But for the meantime, take a thorough look thought about the various items from the same brand if you will able to find one that meet your need and budget below.

Top 5 Best Envy Pro Scooters Reviews

1. Envy S4 KOS Scooter

Envy S4 KOS Scooter

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The Envy S4 comes to you in high-end strength standard and made from the best grade aluminum and finished with high quality color touch which brings it into rare class of scooters available on the market.

The series 4 features TPR grips hands engineered to last long and perfect for holding for any trick riding style and the handle is attached to the deck with a bolt clamp and a 6mm bolts for additional strength. With hollow core wheels of 120mm x 26mm made from polyurethane of 86a grade offers the performance that will amaze you. However, the Envy S4 is for people with advanced skills.


2. Envy Prodigy Scooter  S4 Grey/Lime  

Envy Prodigy Scooter S4 Grey/Lime


This is a complete custom scooter from the Evy brand and this offer from them is ideal for beginners, intermediate and the very pro riders. Bare it in mind, this scooter is an upgraded version of previous Envy products and this is to let you know how much consideration put into the manufacturing of the Prodigy as customers opinion were also consider as well in the improvement.

It comes with a deck and handle constructed from forged aluminum and it measures 495mm x 120mm. The handle features a 160mm TPR hand grips all made from aluminum with nylon bar hands. And also features a 110mm PU wheels integrated with spring steel insert nylon brake.  The pro rider, intermediate and beginners scooter is a value for the money if you think of riding with a class of honor.


 3. Envy S4 Prodigy Integrated Sealed Complete Scooter 2016

Envy S4 Prodigy Integrated Sealed Complete Scooter 2016


This Progidy S4 is the 2016 model integrated full sealed complete scooters finished with red and gold color that put it into its class desire by users. This integrated envy scooters comes expensive which will take a fortune from your pocket if want to ride a kick scooter that is hardly seen among scooters riders.

The hand and the deck is a component of aluminum and the steering has hand grips for improve gripping. The wheel is 110mm high which is not too high from ground level and it is recommended for use from 3 years upward – this means kids and adult can use it.

4. Envy Series 5 Prodigy

Envy Series 5 Prodigy

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Here comes the series 5 prodigy which is a number one selling scooter from the Envy Company. The S5 comes in upgraded version which any professional rider will love to keep his game up high as it features core 120mm wheels for comfort and speed needs and also comes with a different bar designed which is different from the older S versions for style and strength. The lightweight design it’s an ideal choice for all ages of kids.

Available stock is limited due to high demand; however, you can place an order for one on amazon in advance for shipment.

5. Envy Colt Scooter Series 2 

Envy Colt Scooter Series 2

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This is the S2 scooters designed for all ages of riders. It comes with metal 110mm wheels for smooth ride performance and a deck which is not too high from ground surface.

This is a class of kick scooter for the proposed tricks that you can consider for yourself or your child today except the toddler old. It comes with total item weight of 9.8 pounds with dimension of 5 x 20.05 x 26 inches.


Also know that Envy scooters are always upgraded scooters from previous models and this make them few numbers in the market as people are trending for it. So if you find one today, never delay ordering for it as you may not be opportune to see it available within next couple of months.

However, the reviewed list consist of envy heist scooter and the envy prodigy scooters of different series from S1 down to S5 and these envy scooters are very cheap and affordable. Since you have read the provided reviews, hope you can help yourself by locating the best scooter from by you.