Every mother’s dream and expectation is to see their kids grow heartily and then get to know the necessary skills that will help them become effectively responsible later in life. Potty training is a vital aspect of every child’s growth, and every good parent provides what is needed for this training and also help the kids learn the use. To achieve the potty training, a toilet seat having a step stool ladder is essential. Currently, there are many types of toilet seat potty with a ladder. Therefore so much care and diligence are necessary when selecting the best one. Fortunately, this article has made it easier for you to choose the best potty training seat with ladder. We hope you find this informative and insightful.

Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder Comparison

Product Image Features Our Review
Skyroku Potty Training for Kids
Skyroku Potty Training for COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Age: 1-8years
  • Weight: 5.29 pounds
  • Dimension: 26.1 x 14.7 x 3.9 inches

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Mangohood Potty Training Seat Skyroku Potty Training for Kids COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $
  • Age: 1-8years
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Dimension: 16.3 x 15.4 x 5 inches

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Best Potty Training with LadderMangohood Potty Training Seat COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Age: 2-7years
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Dimension: 25.4 x 14.6 x 3.5 inches

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Potty Training Stool: Best for Toddlers Potty Training Stool: Best for Toddlers COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Age: 2-7years
  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 26.1 x 15.4 x 3.6 inches

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Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer
Ostrich Potty Training with Ladder COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Age: 2-7years
  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 26.1 x 15.4 x 3.6 inches
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What is Potty Training?

Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder Guide: How to Train Baby & Reviews (2019 -2020)

Potty training is otherwise referred to as Toilet training or toilet learning. It is a learning process for little children. This process entails teaching the kids how to control their bladder and bowel and also how to eliminate waste by using the bathroom. This way, the child understands the need to go to the toilet when necessary and effectively use it without staining or messing himself/herself. The potty training is usually preceded by the child’s readiness and initiation to go to the bathroom.

What are The Signs Your Child Is Ready to Potty Train?

Factually, there is no right time, per se, to get your child potty trained. However, certain clues and signs, which vary from person-to-person, can be of help in identifying when to start. Research shows that the average age in which children get potty trained is three years old. It can be earlier or later – this does not matter. Understanding your child’s uniqueness is critical. Potty training should start upon your child’s readiness. Signs of readiness include having a dry diaper for a duration longer than usual, being able to follow instructions, informing you that they are about to pee or poop or have already done it in their diaper, interest, and mimicry of other people’s use of the potty, pulling at a wet diaper with discomfort and hiding to pee or poop. When your child shows one or more of these signs, it is a clue depicting their readiness to potty train.

What is the Potty training benefit? 

Healthy personal Habit is one significant benefit of potty training. Children start to learn the use of the toilet, and this will help them apply the same approach to bathing, brushing their teeth, and staying clean. This way, children become accountable for their self-care gradually.

Furthermore, a child who masters the toilet training becomes more confident and independent. This is a plus for the parents as they do not have to worry about changing soiled diapers anymore. And just as kids are praised for doing well at school, praising a child during this training period over their improvement in the potty culture will help them become more self-conscious and hence boost their self-esteem and trust.

Reviews of 4 Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder

1. Skyroku Potty Training for Kids

Skyroku Potty Training for Kids

Do you need a potty training seat that has anti-slip pads?  This product is essential if your babies are scared of using an adult’s toilet. It could be because of experience or the fear of the unknown. This product would make your baby be able to turn round quickly and make it great for usage. It does not have a handle. This potty stool for toddlers, both boys, and girls, is comfortable to sit on and comes with a blue ladder.

Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Boys and Girls Baby Toddler Kid Children

The safety of babies using this potty is guarantee through certain features embedded, such as anti-slip as it prevents any form of domestic accident and what could happen while the babies are using it, therein to make it easier for users. The durability is extreme, and it is very much more comfortable to save it. By and large, the installation process is very much easier as it takes only 2 minutes to do it. Also, there are no tools needed for the installation processes. The assembling is very simple; anyone could help in the process. With a few procedures of maintenance, the potty is ready for usage. This potty is unisex. 

Using this trainer, babies dare to go to the toilet themselves without depending on their parents. They could go to the washroom any time they want, making it easier for them to know the time to visit the toilet and wouldn’t poo on their body as they feel happy to go there. This product comes with a floorboard and handholds. It is effortless to use, and it attracts babies with how fancy it is designed. It is light in weight and serves as a toilet for babies. Your baby would find this exciting! 


2. Mangohood Potty Training Seat 

Mangohood Potty Training Seat

Do you feel uneasy using the toilet? Here is a confidence-giving toilet trainer that could make you feel more comfortable. This could be very useful for children as could allow them to sit safely on the toilet with even less support from their parents or guardian. It is fashioned in a way that it could be folded. It is a design with exclusive sturdy, which is the more reason for children to find it useful easily. In actuality, it is beneficial for any kind of toilet in that it could fit into different sizes and shapes. It could be adjusted and use as correcting measures for toddlers who are learning how to sit.

This product comes with a footrest, a pad, handlebars, plastic screws, user manual, and a screwdriver. This kid’s potty seat comes with diverse advantages, which is why many people have considered using it. The configuration and design are always updated. With the mindset that having a quick way of assembling products could enhance the comfort of the users, the designers of this product have created in as such a way that could make assembling and installation very easy. Although there are instructions given on how to install it, the ability to have full setup does not require any professional knowledge.

how to potty train a baby

However, note that there are stipulated type of toilet shapes that this works for. This includes the O-shape, U-shape, and V-shape. Therefore, it would be essential to check the particular kind of potty before installation to avoid damage. While continuous usage of the toilet could lead to it being slippery, especially when there is no adequate care, this product does not get slip quickly as it has been designed to safeguard its users in cases of domestic accidents. In other words, there is a kind of rubber-coated around it that creates friction with the leg and other buttocks. This is part of what glues the buttocks of toddlers and serves as a training process for them. The wide blue-green step is good to maintain balance while sitting.

There are diverse cautions attached to the usage of this product. The first thing is that while installing it, consider lifting the toilet lid. With this, it could be easier to place the seat directly on the bowl. Then, ensure the toilet bowl and the seat are tenaciously held together before restoring the toilet lid. Another thing to be considered is the fit height of the toilet. Make sure that the range is from 14 to 15 from the floor. Don’t use it with higher elevations to avoid problems. 


3. Potty Training with Ladder

Potty Training with Ladder

Do you need a trainer ladder for your child as a toilet seat? Here is an ostrich toilet step trainer that is designed for both male and female. It makes the baby comfy while they have their stool. It serves as a seat for them and is coated with pink designed rubber that makes it very attractive to babies. It would maintain the baby’s grip on the floor and also give them adequate balance as they sit down. It is soft for babies to sit on. Thus, there is no need to panic with babies having bruises in cases whereby they are playing. Apart from the seat’s durability, the cover is also waterproof. As such, there is optimum prevention against slip, and this makes babies sit firmly on it. 

Toilet seat with Cushion

The ease of this product is second to none as there are no special products needed for its installation. It comes with three packages. In the process of arranging the seats, there is no need for using straps to maintain balance for the baby. Generally, there is nothing needed in using and getting the optimum advantage of the usage of this product. The seat is equally adjustable for the height of both the baby and the toilet. It is portable and easy to save. The seat has a contoured handle that keeps the seat comfortable. Within this is a splash guard that is used for cleanness and making the seat free from germs. 

Going further, this product has both mat and pedal. The pedal is used for the anti-skid purpose, a way of ensuring the total security of the baby while adjusting the seat. The safety mat is needed for maintaining the grip of the baby’s feet on the seat. To say, this is easy to save. The folding process very simple. It is light and portable. It is affordable and straightforward with adequate safety ensured in learning their babysitting process. 


4. Potty Training Stool: Best for Toddlers 

Potty Training Stool: Best for Toddlers

Do you need a stool with a ladder that could fit in many types of the toilet? This potty stool for toddlers is comfortable to sit on and comes with a ladder. The safety of babies using this potty is guarantee through certain features embedded therein to make it easier for users. The durability is extreme, and it is very much easier to save.

Additionally, this potty has a removable cushion. The cushion makes it easier for babies to sit comfortably on it. Amazingly, the cushion is removable because some babies might not like there as some feel scared or uncomfortable sitting in it. The stool is designed in babies’ way to captivate their attention and get them to use it even when they are not used to it. There is a broad set situated at the ladder that is not slippery. It makes it very easy for the baby to walk up without being injured, even without moderators. The handle is adjustable and comfortable. With this handle, babies could grip the seat with their hands to maintain their balance in cases where they were playing and seems they would somersault. 

Potty Training Stool: Best for Toddlers

This potty could fit any form of oval and circle toilet seats. It would cover it firmly and requires no consistent washing. In other words, the cushion wouldn’t need to be cleaned every time of usage. It is easier to fold it and save it for itinerants. While moving from one place to another, there is a safety guard that ensures the balance of the babies sitting; most importantly, when the potty is adjusted either to the babies’ height or of the toilet’s. 

Lastly, the installation process is very much easier as there are no tools needed for it. The assembling is very much simple older toddlers could help in the process. With few steps within a few minutes, the potty is ready for usage. This potty is unisex. Consider it for your baby!


5. Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer

Ostrich Potty Training with Ladder

Do you need a sitter like a cushion for your toilet? Here is a potty trainer that has a comfortable cushion suitable for toddlers. The ladder is coated with rubber to ensure friction and prevent unforeseen domestic accidents. Based on the fact that it is child-centered, it comes very soft and bright color to captivate them. The application to toddlers has made it have the shapes and features it has.

In the process of installation, it is straightforward to assemble it. The instructions given on how to use it is enough to join it without any form of professional knowledge. There is one thing to be careful about; making sure that the screw is tight before usage. There is a big screw that holds all things firmly. Thus it needs to be tightly screwed before other things. Then, make sure that the legs are in the right shape and height.

There are two ways to doing this; adjusting the limbs relative to the height of the toilet or ensuring that legs are flat on the floor. If the legs need to be changed in proportion to the toilet’s height, ensure you know the height of the bathroom and arrange them before screwing. If the heights are in good shape, make sure the legs are lying flat on the floor with the bathroom maintaining optimum balance. 

For other maintenance processes, it is elementary to adjust this product and fold it up. It is effortless to carry it around since folding has been designed easily. Because it could be folded to a tiny size, it is effortless to store this product in any varying toilet sizes. In adjusting the height, this potty trainer could be adapted into three different heights. Even though the height of the toilet is in the right proportion with the sitter, the toddler’s height could be the reason for the adjustment. Thus, this product could serve toddlers of different heights, making them comfy. The satisfaction of usage and quality is sure and confirmed from previous users; your own experience would not be a strange one. We are assured of quality all the time. 

How to Start Potty Training 

Before you begin the potty training for your child, be sure he shows signs of readiness first. Then, working on this will no longer be cumbersome. At first, get them acquainted with basic easy terms like “poop,” “pee,” and the likes. Make use of these words to express the feeling, need, or urge to use the toilet. Be sure to tell them to inform you if peradventure their diaper gets wet before they could use the bathroom. Get the essential item needed for the learning process – a potty.

Additionally, it is vital to dedicate some time to the potty training process. Consciously and deliberately teach them rightly, explaining the how’s and why’s of the process. Show them to use the toilet too, practically. However, do not force your child against his or her will.

The Best Potty Training Seat Buying Guide: Picking the Right 

Picking from a hundred choices that exist can be burdensome. There are so many toilet training seat types and a lot of companies, brands, and products too. However, to narrow down the number of toilet seat to choose from, certain factors must be considered.

First, in the quest for comfort, you must consider a toilet training seat that will make your kid feel comfortable while sitting. Therefore, choose only a training toilet seat that has a firm and fitting shape. One that will stay durable, firm, and not wiggle when you sit on it. Also, in the line of comfort, the material with which the seat is made from is essential. Choose which best suits you. 

Also, the cost of a potty training seat matters. Averagely, a potty seat can cost as low as $10. Understand your budget and the worth of the potty you desire to buy. Look for a simple, durable, and functional seat. 

Since young children are the center of attraction here and the potty seat is for them, you might want to consider a potty seat that has a soft close feature or padding – this is to prevent noise or a sudden bang when the toilet cover is slammed or closed.

Convenience and ease of cleaning and installation is another factor to consider. It is necessary to have the toilet clean all the time. To make your cleanup fast and easy, buy one of the best potty training seats that are easy to clean. Most potty training seats are easy to install, especially those within the average cost. The best way to get yourself acquainted, with this information, is to pay attention to reviews. And this has been efficiently provided in this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is a potty chair or seat better? The potty chairs and the toilet training seats are the two major types of convenience used for potty training.  The toilet seats are usually attached to the toilet while the chairs are all-in-one. A few children might be afraid of height, and hence their toilet training process might be retarded when a toilet seat is used. However, the best potty training seats have ladders to aid your child reach the seat. A potty chair will need you to dump its content out to the toilet regularly and clean it often too. It takes up more space in the bathroom, unlike the toilet seat.
  • What age to potty train? Most children show readiness signs within 18months and three years of age. Hence, the average age is about 27months old. However, there is no rush. Make sure the child is ready.
  • What is the right toilet training age? There is no right training age. Toilet training starts when the child shows readiness signs. The range of age where kids show these readiness signs is from 12months to 3 years old.
  • When should a toddler be potty trained?  A toddler should be potty trained when he or she is ready to be trained. Readiness is observed when the toddler shows certain signs has had been explained afore.
  • What is the average age for potty training? 27months old.
  • How much is a potty trainer? A potty trainer can be as low as $10 or $15. With ergonomic designs and features, other potty trainers can cost as high as $1000.  


In conclusion, the best potty trainers with ladder reviewed above are just one of the few most sorted, which you would want to consider for your toddlers. Every human follow the path of growth, which learning how to sit is part of, the toddlers are no exception. The comfy state of the babies and their safety are needed for them to grow up.

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