Best Skateboard for Beginners: The Complete Skateboard Guide & Reviews In 2020

The entry-level skateboard is considered for beginners who are looking forward to skateboard act mastering. A beginner is a person who does not know skateboard. This person needs to study what a skateboard is, especially what features make up a good beginning skateboard for streets. In today’s world, there’s many best skateboard for beginners and different types, and brands are available. A good purchase entails you getting acquitted to skating board because those designed for the Pro riders can be expensive and since you’re a newbie who is trying to skate for the first time, an inexpensive product would be good for the time being. We’ll, therefore, want to help you in this guide by teaching you how to figure out the best while weeding out the rest. What is the best skateboard brand will be discussed in the course of this review but for the meantime, let’s talk a look at some of the top product as seen among users? Price: $$+

Best Skateboards for Beginners Comparison

Product/Image Features Our Reviews

MEKETEC: Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Load: 200lb
  • Size: 22inch
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Dimension: Not specified
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RIMABLE Complete: Lightest Skateboard Decks
RIMABLE Complete: Lightest Skateboard Decks COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Load: 198lb
  • Size: 22inch
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimension: Not specified
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Skatro Mini Cruiser: Best Minority Skateboard
Reviews of Best Skateboard for Beginners In 2020 COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Load: Not specified
  • Size: 22inch
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimension: Not specified
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PlayWheels:Best Skateboards for Kids
PlayWheels:Best Skateboards for Kids COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Price: $$
  • Load: 100lbs
  • Size: 21inch
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimension: 21 x 6 x 4.5 inches
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Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard
 Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard COMPARE ON AMAZON!!!
  • Load: 220lbs
  • Size: 32inch
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimension: 32 x 8 x 4 inches

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Reviews of Best Skateboard for Beginners In 2020

1. MEKETEC: Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

MEKETEC: Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

Though there’s plenty of beginners skateboard deck but Meketec is one of the topmost preferred in the market? This product is a good kid’s boys or youth beginners. The skateboard will let any first-timer into the skating world slide distinctively. It is colorful and decorative which is why most kids fall in love with it, even me, if I was to buy my first skate deck board, I don’t think this unit will pass me bye.

Also, know this complete 22inch mini-board cruiser high-speed abec 7-bearing and 60mm Urethane wheels. To say, the board deck can hold an individual weighing up to 220lbs, thanks to the strong and durable material used in the making. While you shouldn’t overlook it, it safety guarantee because it has CE certification, hence, beginners riders have no problem at all.


2. RIMABLE Complete: Lightest Skateboard Decks

RIMABLE Complete: Lightest Skateboard Decks

Since there are many options, the possibility of deciding and choosing a skatingboard for beginners is no slimmer. For instance, in this review of beginner’s skateboards, Rimable has a significant vote of 1,500 reviews and star ratings and that’s to tell, how skaters love this onboard deck.

If you are looking for a complete skateboard, this is one recommendation as it comes assembled, hence nothing to be done aftermarket purchase. It measures 22 inches which are wider space to place your foot as you ride and provides stability. With this cheap skateboard, beginners pay less and get more for the value.

From our analysis, Rimable skateboard features a high-quality 3-inch thick aluminum trucks plus superb smoother PU wheels that features high-speed bearing. The beginner skate deck board can carry someone whose weight is up to 198lbs which is the maximum load.


3. Skatro Mini Cruiser: Best Minority Skateboard

Skatro Mini Cruiser: Best Minority Skateboard

Durability is one relevant aspect to consider when buying a skateboard, and that’s what this Skatro Cruiser offers. The material used in the making is aviation industry-standard aluminum, and the very light in weight to carry around. I tell you, you’ll love the comfort, this mini skateboard beginner’s cruiser offers to those who have bought a unit of it.

Most importantly, features Abec 7 bearings, and 59mm wheels made from Urethane compound, all this synchronize to ensure you get maximum speed and fun riding down the pavement, streets side or in your home playground.

A verified Amazon reviewer (Leo Borkar) said, it worth every penny. Besides, it so only $60. Also, it is beautiful and classic compared to most boards that unattractive for urban use.


4. PlayWheels:Best Skateboards for Kids

PlayWheels:Best Skateboards for Kids

Proceeding, this recommendation is the best skateboard for kids that we were able to pick and tested. All things being equal, your kids are going to love this wood skateboard from the Playwheel brand. Children between five to ten years who are not weighing more than 100lbs are the people who this product is designed for.

The 21 inch has a thick-durable maple deck while its single kicktail construction offers greater control and easy to brake. Also, the composite trucks and steel axle is one of the most fasted skateboards in this review as compared in the course of individual product testing.

More so, the manufacturer installed this beginner good skateboard with PVC wheels of 50mm x 27mm wheels and nylon bearing that delivers a smooth ride.   


5. Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard: Best for Adult Beginners

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard: Best for Adult Beginners

Rounding up this best skateboard for starters review comes another top rated and wonderful Maple design from the Minority. It is a 32 x 8 inch deck device. The maximum weight it supports is 220lbs which is best offer for adult looking for a good and sustainable long lasting board for years of use.

Among the products reviewed so far, this Minority features the highest Abec 9 bearing for speed delivery. Remember, fast speed is half way success for tricks achieving. Additionally, has a chrome forged 52mm 102A PU wheels and on testing of this product confirm is best for cutting corners.

Even the board has passed maneuverability test on streets, ramps, and pools. You can check users comment about this product on amazon.


The Different Types of Skateboards             

First and foremost, what is a longboard as the name implies? As you can see of today, the longboards were seen as snowboards. However, over time, they evolve into the skateboard. Unlike the snowboard, longboards are faster and more suitable cruising on roads sides, pavement, or hilling ground. Even though, some use it for regular transport but are also good for tricks by the very professional’s riders. A Skating longboard is designed in drop-through or drop-down shape. Also, they come sturdy, versatile and flexible and more reliable to snowboard. And you might be wondering as a beginner if you able to make do with this device? Yes, longboard has been proven to help users to ride smoothly on rough surfaces. Beginners’ skaters can also actually execute big turns and maneuvering within a few weeks for quick learners. To understand, below are the types of the board you’ll find:

  • Pintail longboards: You want to cruise or deep carving turns, pintail model is a topmost priority for this desire. It usually has an extra foot deck.
  • Cruiser longboards: This type is very flexible to turn and maneuver. A cruise board design incorporates kick tail, large wheels, and a slight raise truck.
  • Twin Tip Flat Longboards: these features drop through-design deck which offers extra firmness, traction, and speed control in riding down a sloppy terrain.

Types of skateboard

  • Old school-boards: These are traditional concave style boards. They are installed with big tires and are id for flipping tricks. It is also good for pools, street use and ramps skating. Many designs and colors are available on the market.
  • Cruise skateboard: If you want to perform a variety of moves during skating, a cruise skateboard is an ideal choice. Besides, they are renowned for street skating. More so, are manufactured in different shape with a kicktail. They’re also installed with a wider deck and bigger rubber tires. However, they aren’t good for big stunts or tricks but offers fast speed. If you’re looking forward to skating in the park, ramp or the urban areas, this type of skateboard is what never to miss out. Even though they don’t have a kick nose, but they are wider than traditional street boards.
  • Freestyle boards: To perform tricks and stunt confidently on a flat surface, a traditional freestyle board like the freestyle model is engineered to help you gain possessive skills to stunt or do your trick but mind you, beginners have to be careful to learn gradually before trying difficult skill with this skateboard. It comes in various sizes, features two kick tails plus a concave, as such, and you’ll able to meet your skating styles.

What types of skateboard type is good for beginners? Freestyle boards are mostly top choices in the market place.

Street skateboards: Though, previously said some of the types discuss above favorable for street skating but a street board is a street board because they are specifically designed to meet street lifestyle. This type of board has a tail and nose that can spin as you ride. Their deck is craft in narrowly evenly shaped construction. Generally, their built allows users to perform tricks, flips, and spins. Whether city streets, commercial or any other terrain, a street longboard will never disappoint you.

Pool skateboards: They are for those who like pool skating. This board type deck should not be less than 8” and the wheels should be up to 15 – 17 inches in size.

Off-road skateboards: this is great for flat surface skating, gravel arena, dirt or hard ground surface. Most models feature brake systems that let you quickly stop in rough topography. They also suitable for gliding over bumps, sticks, leaves, etc.

Carve skateboard: Enable riders to spin for the wheels to easily change direction during skating when the need arises. The font-style truck engineered into this model helps users to also flip without falling. Skaters also have the privilege to control the speed while on motion by rocking-back and forth as seen in surfing action challenges.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Beginners

You and I know skateboard is not a complex commuting device. The major component is the deck and the wheels. Therefore, the deck is one of the important considerations if you most pick a good unit. Remember, the deck provides support for the body via grip and balancing for users to ride smoothly. One thing to note, the deck is made with material of different origins.

For beginners, a plastic wide deck model is best as discovered from the user’s experience. And as you enhance in learning, you may have to increase to board with slimmer and better surface grip for a comfortable and fun ride.

Note, an average deck width for a beginner skateboard is 8inches but there are sizes available on the market.  A deck with a wider surface, beginners can easily find a balance on it compared to skateboard with slimmer deck. Hence, a wider deck will limit your rate of trick performance and that’s why you need to quickly upgrade faster as you master your skating classes.

The deck is built with different materials such as fiberglass, wood or carbon. From findings, a plastic deck is cheaper but going by quality, an option like carbon or fiberglass is more costly but worth it. The below skateboard sizing chart may be of help to you as well.

Which Is the Best Skateboards for Tricks?

Which is the best skateboard decks for street?

Street skating requires a rugged and rigid skateboard that can allow you to do tricks an ordinary entry-level cannot offer. As such, we have sorted out the following item for you to decide upon for a choice. All of them are best for street usage but since you can pick all of them at the same time, choosing accordingly will be the next option:

In conclusion

Good numbers of skateboard for beginners are in the market whether online or in stores and quality different from one unit to the other. If you think of getting the best beginner skateboard, a dedicated amount of time to dig deep into what makes a good skateboard and requirement take a lot of time.

Even in the end, you might still be confused about which is right for you but with our guide and reviews of top selected products, you can confidently pick accordingly with a detail description. Meanwhile, the comparison table also highlighted their features in close observation for you to compare and make regrettable decisions.