Home Skate Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews and Other Sports Helmets Guide – 2018

Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews and Other Sports Helmets Guide – 2018

Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews and Other Sports Helmets Guide – 2018

Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews and Other Sports Helmets Guide - 2017Even though you are a skillful skater and you have been skating for years without using skate helmet, you might just be lucky not to have fallen off your skating board. Skating board helmet should be worn on each time you think of going a skating ride as it will help safe guard you. Kids especially need these helmets for their protection.

However, shopping for one may be a difficult moment in the pool of them not knowing which helmet to select. The good news is that we have reviews of 10 best skateboard helmets from top brands.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews

10. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

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Enjoy comfort wearing this helmet for wide variety of sport that supports the use of helmet. This unit comes in lightweight design which reduces heavy load as a protection device. It consists of high density molded PE shell and has two foam liner layers that protect against bump and impact.

The moisture wicking liner and the fabrics prevents against sweat dripping ensuring users to stay drier and remain focus while skating.  It also has a large vent that which improve the flow of air through the helmet to keep wearer cool even while on intense sport.   Furthermore, it has a weight of 3 pounds and dimension of 12 x 12 x 12 inches.


9. TSG Pass Helmet

TSG Pass Helmet

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This is a full face helmet designed by Martin Siegrist for the skateboard championship if you are among those with this set goal then theTSG helmet is must concern for you.  It comes in a compact shell and its aerodynamic construction gives room for unrestrained speed push. While its CE certified structure let’s cut loose with confidence.

Its spherical shape visor consists of scratch proof and anti-fog coating and this guarantees maximum peripheral vision. The ear slots allow clear perception of hearing in the course of your sport action for you to be focus.  This is helmet is just a perfect fit for any skater or longboarders as it comes with check pads that can be adjusted to match with different head sizes.

One outstanding features of the PASS helmet is that of the inner liner which can be removed and also washable making it unique from most competitive helmet you will find on the market.  It also features impact foam against external force for painless feel.

The TGS is also safety certified by the International Downhill Federation for sports athlete safeties. However, for more information about this product, visit the link below!


8. JBM Adult Skateboard Helmet Impact resistance

JBM Adult Skateboard Helmet Impact resistance

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This is design to be use by adult for any kind of sporty activities that requires wearing of helmet. It is also designed for multi-sports such as cycling skate-boarding, rollerblading longboarding or scooter roller skate inline as the case may be. This particular skateboard helmet has a durable tough shell with liner that can absorb external pressure that may arise in the course of your skating events.

With plenty of ventilation openings on the helmet and foam, the JMB skateboard for adult reduces sweating which keep both men and women cool during tough body movements and this features makes this helmet one of the best for skateboarding activities or roller skate events. The light-weight helmet comes with best straps which you can adjust to fit accordingly.


7. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

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This skate helmet also complies with United States CPSC safety for use as bicycle helmet as well and safety standards. So you will not only purchase it for skateboarding alone but also for other sports you may think of, including scooter, cycling, long-boarding, BMX biking sports etc.

However, this 1 pound weight unit features a polyester liner and 2 sweat fit pad that allow for customization fit for comfortable time wearing it.


6. Triple Eight Gotham Helmet 

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

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This helmet also meets US and ATSM safety requirement for biking, skateboarding, inline roller skate and others. The Gotham helmet is a 2016 model with a weight not up to 2 pound and this means less load to carry on your head.

One of the unique features is that it features ABS outer shell with conehead EPS patent liner. It also features sweat pad for comfort-ability and an adjustable fit dial system to ensure its firmness according to your head size.


5. Punisher Skateboards 13-Vent Helmet for Youth/Teen 9+

 Punisher Skateboards 13-Vent Helmet for Youth/Teen 9+

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The Punisher Pro Series skateboard helmets is rated for both Youth and Teen9+, so for those in this range this is a perfect consideration.  You can use this skateboard for either biking or skateboarding and this helmet also rated dual safety certified standard by the ASTM AND CPSC safety organization in helmets.

What more to know about this unit? It has an ABS protective shell with EPS impact absorption liner and comes with 13 air cooling vent.

The dual use skateboard features 3 heat removable sealed foam pads that allow the helmet to fit for use as large, medium or small head sizes.  Another feature is a quick release buckle to turn lock adjustment straps for fast and easy chin fit.  For additional supportive users reviews, endeavor to visit the link downward.


4. Flybar Multi-Sport Adjustable Dial Helmet

Flybar Multi-Sport Adjustable Dial Helmet, Youth & Adult Use

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The Fly helmet is a perfect unit for both youth and adult wearing whether for scooter, BMX, skateboarding, inline skating or longboard sports, you can rely on the dual certified safety helmet. Its construction has a wide air flow vent that allows the inflow of cool breeze makes you never sweat during sport episode.

Its structure consists of strong ABS shell and inner foam liner that protect the head from impact during sport action and hence leaves you with comfort.  Also in this unit is an adjustable spin dial for perfect fit and safety.

This multi- sport helmet comes in different three different size with color of which you can choose from.


3. Pro-Tec The Bucky Helmet  

Pro-Tec The Bucky Helmet

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Here is another comfort provider and head impact protection helmet from the Pro-tech brand that you can also as well consider for your skating needs or other sports events.  It features adjustable straps for fitness ensuring the helmet doesn’t fall off and also has liner to absorb heat sweat.

However, the shell is strong and durable that you won’t feel any external touch wearing the Bucky helmet. It also engineer with holes that encourages the flow of air through the unit top. You won’t be making wrong decision investing on this head protection device for the sport safety time.


2. Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet 

Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet

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Here also comes the Full Cut helmet for skate, still from the Pro-Tech industry. Great for good flow of air as it features about 17 opened vent channel to keep you cooler even as you enjoy a quality skating episode. The ABS shell system comes to you with two inner stage foams that protect users from hard fast falls and high slam impact.

Take advantage of plush wicking moisture liner and long lasting fabrics that prevents sweat from dripping and the end results keeps you dry all the time. The full coverage design is also recommended for people looking for a helmet that can covers the ears and the head and this provides overall protection which most competitive unit can’t afford.

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1. Pro-Tec Street Lite Mens Skate Helmet 

 Pro-Tec Street Lite Mens Skate Helmet

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The Pro street lite skate helmet for men comes in mold structure and is equipped with 11 vent for good amount of inflow of air that discourages heat and dripping of sweat which is the end result of sweating.

Features EPS liner and belt secure straps for firmness on wearing and also ASTM certified. The featherlite poly shell construction makes it one of the less heavy helmets you can get at cheaper rate.



Apart from skateboarding and other skate related exercise, helmets are useful in many sports that involve external impact to secure the head.  Even though the major call of these helmets reviews to help people find a suitable skateboard helmet but at the same time, some of the helmets discussed here can as well be use for biking, cycling, mountain climbing, scooter, and others.

And by going through this post with thorough understanding of the various helmets discussion, we hope in the long run that you find your exact best helmet for any sport contest. If you are into ice skating you can also pick your cool helmet fir that needs. All the best in your selection!