Best Trampoline Reviews And Buying Guide 2017

Before we go any further, it is good that we start by knowing the meaning of the above words separately and how they connect and affect each other.

Best:  This is simply something that’s more than better or can be called excellent.

Trampoline: A gymnastic and recreational device consisting of a piece of taut(stretched), strong fabric extended or stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs as anchors.

Review: A survey of the available items or material.

So in the course of this write-up, we would be looking at trampolines that are excellent for different kind of use and occasions. But we would be concentrating on reviewing the best trampoline for the family. Trampolines can help you exercise, which would help you stay activevabd alert, and a great way to have fun. Most people would love to get the best trampoline but due to a busy life, a small nudgetvand limited knowledge of trampoline, they don’t usually derive the best benefits.

In this best trampoline review, we would discuss some of the most affordable, safe and best bouncers around. They would be categorized based on shape, size and names. They include:

  • AlleyOpp Variable Bounce Trampoline. (Round 14ft)
  • Skywalker Trampoline (Round 15ft)
  • Exacme 6W legs Trampoline (Round 12-15ft)
  • TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline (Round 12-15ft)
  • Ultega Jumper Trampoline (Round 6-12ft)
  • Skywalker Trampolines (Rectangle 9-15ft)
  • AlleyOopPowerBounce Trampoline (Rectangle 10-17ft).

1. AlleyOpp Variable Bounce Trampoline


AlleyOpp Variable Bounce Trampoline

This trampoline is 14ft in width, which is quite bigger than the average rectangular trampoline, and as such would be loved by the family as it gives more room for fun. Some of its safety benefits includes:

  • An attached safety enclosure to prevebt the risk of jumping of the trampoline.
  • It’s ability to help the body absorb the shock of bouncing using split second springs attached to the trampoline. Its almost the same as an airbag used in cars to cushion the effects of accidents, by taking the shock in crucial split seconds.
  • 35 inch tall jumping mat for the best clearance SBD softer landing.
  • 9 inche frame made from prr-galvanized steel. Heavy duty.
  • High quality steel which are used to make 96 high a performance spring which are 8.5 long. The springs give an exciting bounce, and the springs have the capacity of carrying an adult weighing 245 pounds at most.
  • DD sure-lock system: Which helps prevents the trampoline frames from damaging.
  • Water- resistant and UV(ultra-violent) resistant jumping mat
  • Its integrated enclosure can withstand an impact of 295 pounds at most.

This is probably the best of 1 of the besr trampoline a family can get as it gives lasting fun which is worth it’s cost.

2. Skywalker Trampoline (Round 15ft)

Skywalker Trampoline (Round 15ft)

It is a popular, much admired brand. It is 15ft, wide,safe and cost friendly. The skywalker is best if you are working with a small budget. Its enclosure is attached to the mat through interlocks via a button hole at each V-ring which adds to its over-all general safety.Other features includes:

  • 200 pound capacity for weight.
  • 15” diameter round jumping surface.
  • Frame made from heavy-duty rust resistant galvanized steel.
  • 6 W-shaped legs for the best stability.

The skywalker 15ft is one of the best substitute trampoline for the AlleyOop and it is also price friendly( reason why people love it).

3. Exacme 6W legs Trampoline (Round 12-15ft)

Exacme 6W legs Trampoline (Round 12-15ft)


This is a type of trampoline that when looked at by an amateur, or without full attention or concentration could be mistaken or taken as a skywalker trampoline model due to their very close semblance or features. The main and visible difference between them is their legs and enclosure.

Some of it’s features includes;

  • It comes with an enclosure and a ladder, which makes it easier and safer to get in and out.
  • W-shaped legs which are 6 in numbers and 12 contact point for the best stability.
  • It’s weight carrying capacity, the highest among trampoline is an awesome 375 pounds.
  • Putting/setting up is easy with little or no experience required.
  • It meets most quality and safety standard.
  • It’s frame is made from heavy-duty, rust resistant galvanized steel.

.    In our best trampoline review, the Exacme 15ft trampoline is the 3rd best on our list ans it is suitable for both adult and kids. It’s many safety and standard feature is a reason why it is loved and rated high.

4. Ultega Jumper With Safety Net

Ultega Jumper With Safety Net

In this best trampoline review. This 14ft, 200 pound weight carrying jumper model with an unobstructive safety net is one of the ideal and suitable jumper for kids and adults. It has a high spring count. The ultega jumper has an easily observable different frame from the other types of jumper, it has an L shaped leg which gives it a greater stability compared to the 6 W shaped legs of other models. The Ultega jumper comes with 4 legs. But it is advised that there be one jumper at a time. The only entrance into the the jumper is through the zippered opening. Other fixtures includes:

  • Mat attaches to the frame using 88 padded springs.
  • 35 inch frame height.
  • L-shaped legs galvanized steel that prevents tipping over.

5. Skywalker 15ft  Rectangle With Enclosure

Skywalker 15ft Rectangle With Enclosure

This trampoline is the first model to make our list. It is also one of the best. It is one of the safest, as we always emphasize safety as our priority. Although it is rectangular, it doesn’t in any way reduce its space and balance. The netted enclosure is interlocked with the jumping mat through button size holes with no gaps between them (the netting abs the jumping mat) making it very secure. It’s bother features are:

  • 250 pound weight carrying capacity.
  • Rust-resistant steel frame.
  • T-socket frame to aid structure stability and prevent twisting.
  • Thick foam ultra-violent protected spring pad for safety.

The rectangular skywalker trampoline is more costly than it’s round counterpart but worth the money.

6. AlleyOopPowerBounce Trampoline (Rectangle 10-17ft).

AlleyOopPowerBounce Trampoline (Rectangle 10-17ft).

This trampoline boost’s of the best bounce and most costly trampoline on our list. It is best recommended for those with a large budget. The secret of the alleyoop power bounce trampoline is in it’s structure which is different from others.

The structure: Each structure features 2 springs, that are mounted to the powerarm fitting. The lower spring attaches to one of the powerarm’s stages either at the top, middle or bottom while the upper spring attaches to the V-rings.  This is the reason for its amazing bounce. Its other benefits are:

  • It allows for higher bounce due to it’s very tall frame.
  • Its shape( rectangular in nature).
  • 2ft thick steel frame.
  • 350 pounds capacity for weight.

This trampoline is recommended for those with large spending abilities.

With all the analysis we have made above, their are still important factors to be considered when buying a trampoline. They are:

  1. Size of your backyard: A small backyard would not suit a big trampoline so this should be considered.
  2. Age and size of users: Users age should be considered as some trampoline are exclusively for kids and it won’t be good to buy such when adults would want to be included in the fun.
  3. Users Growth:
  4. Your Budget( very important).
  5. The planned use of the trampoline.
  6. Trampoline frame quality.
  7. Weight Limit.
  8. Durable springs: Good spring good bounce. Vice versa.
  9. Padding: This should be considered as it ensure safety and injury.
  10. Safety Enclosure: This should also be considered especially wen kids are involved to avoid someone falling off.

Trampoline Types

  • Classic: This type of trampoline is both for kids and adult.
  • Children: This type of trampoline is exclusively for kids.
  • Rebounder: This type is for light bouncing exercise.
  • Water Trampoline: This type of trampoline can be used in water for optimal fun.
  • Bouncy House: This type of trampoline is used at parties and shows for fun, but it is used mostly by kids.
  • Olympic/Gym trampoline: This is the trampoline used for high jumps during games. They are very strong.
  • Spring Free Trampoline: This is a new type of trampoline that doesn’t use springs(major cause of most injuries). It is quite expensive but extremely safe.